Special Cycle-On & el Podersoso Android

The day I first read about Android is going to be a toy, I know it has great potential. Within less than 2 years, the Android toys came out in various designs, shape and sizes. If you want to talk about the real Android toy, it got to be Andrew Bell's Android as he is the one who design the toys and later Google endorse it. 

Since Andrew Bell was in town at STGCC 2011, I got to have some Android goodness-ess. With my limited toy budget, I requested Brendan to get two out of four of the latest Andrew Bell Android mini summer collection series

I chose Cycle-On and el Podersoso Android.
The package display the toy nicely and the back of the box showing the illustration of the Android.

Now if you are wondering what is it make it so Special in my title, is Andrew Bell's Autograph on the boxes. Cool!

Now at this point many of the collector will say, "Hey! In this case, let's keep the toy Mint in Seal Box". Why? So that it can sell higher price later. Well that can happen to other type of collectors but not for me. I OPEN THE TOY!!!!

PS: That doesn't mean I throw away the box. I still keep these two because of Andrew's Signature.

Okay on with the review

First off, Cycle-On!

This Robocop / Shadow moon / Cyclone look Android design strike me as a heavy dude. Android being metal seems natural but the green LEDs as a mouth area is the cherry on the cake.

Andrew Bell even signed on the back of Cycle-On head. At the back view, it does look like a R2 Droids. LOL

Next is El Podersoso.

I found the similarity of this Android with Spainish. Reason being:
1. Spanish Name
2. Mask and cap are black like Zorro
3. The bare topless body give me an impression of Wrestler like Nacho Libre (that's Spanish too right?)

Come to think of it, this Android had the size of Jack Black. LOL

At the back of this Android you can see the Mask lance and the good quality of the cap. It even has the A for Android on the cap. Cool!

Well there's something more impressive behind the cap. Flip it up and you can see Andrew Bell's autograph and his drawing of Android! Thank you Andrew Bell!

All I have to say that these two Android is one of the kind...

There is also another special thing I want to mention here. It's my friend Brendan who bought for me these toys and queuing for hours (he did not complaint) to get in line to get Andrew Autograph on the box, toys and a very special piece of artwork for me. The best part comes when I asked him how much do I owe him for the effort of these two toys, he just charge me for the base price of these toys selling at the convention. I was touched and I insist of buying the dinner for him for his honestly and the service for me.

It is great to have these two special Androids in my toy collection. I will treasure them. :)


Unknown said…
hey i got the grey one and it doesnt have the signature, is it a fake?
LEon said…
No i do not believe so as these 2 toys I actually got the signature of the artist during the convention. so normally it won't have a signature.

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