Kyubey is EVIL

After the invasion of Black Rock Shooter with blue flame eyes, the vast internet has appear another take over by a new being. This time it's two red eyes and a cute expression staring right at you. Some of you may have seen it but still have no idea who is this "innocent" looking expression is from.

This is Kyubey (キュゥべえ) from the anime series of Madoka Magica. Kyubey is a "Messenger of Magic" who grants the wishes of young girls, but in exchange contracts their services as Puella Magi, Magical Girls. Once the contract had being deal, the girl will be task to defeat Witches. Then Kyubey as an entities that feed upon the hopes and dreams of normal people. In short, it is like selling your soul to the "devil". But how can the devil or evil be this cute? You will surely fall for the innocent red eyes by looking at it.

I have to say it is a very successful character in term of design as the artist saved lot of time and effort in drawing the anime or Manga. Just look at the "Multiple expressions" of Kyubey.

Due to the success of this cute character (more than the anime itself), Kyubey design was produced in many forms. For start will be the plushes toys.

One of it will be this which is like the anime to accompany you (hanging around you) every where you go is by Cube which is 39cm in length.

Medicom also join in the craze and produce a standing version of Kyubey plush.

Good Smile had many versions of Kyubey and went all the way to produce 1:1 scale vinyl toy as well.

Do not be deceived that such temptation only happen to Toy collector. This proved formula goes into T-shirts, Phone casing and even camera. You name it.

You can see the damage of Kyubey had done. We must brace ourselves of such "poison" in ways that we can. :P

Enter the contract with Kyubey at your own risk. He will suck you dry of all hopes and dreams but your wallet will be the first to feel the pain. LOL

Compare to the BRS fever, I can comprehend this Kyubey fever make more sense as it look actually cute.

So is Kyubey Evil?


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