Voyager Megatron from Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon

I always had an eye on Voyager Megatron from the Transformers Movie, Dark of the Moon series. Never in my mind would have imagine Megatron would be a land rolling vehicle or more to be exact, a Truck like Optimus Prime.

Another that hit me off the ground was this Megatron had a large piece of cover over his head. The presentation of this figure make it hard for me to resist.

So two counts of vehicle and bot mode justify this as a must get. Since the largest is voyager for this Megatron, I got to have this.

Before I made the purchase, I was playing away with his add weapon which can be played from an opening of the package.

Out of the box, Megatron look really awesome. With his "cape" on, Megatron look more mysterious.

The add on weapon can be mounted on his arm.

When the "cape" is remove, Megatron look kind of skinny and more ordinary to me.

The back of Megatron expose the vehicle windscreen and smoke pipes.

Here is a reason why Megatron wear the Mask. It is to cover up his damage and deform face since his battle with the Autobots in Revenge of the fallen.

The transformation was not too complicated. However the middle container which was the weapon do have some difficulties fitting it flat in it.

This is the best that I got it. See how uneven it is?

The cover on his shoulder and head can be use in his vehicle mode too wrapping the back of the containers.

See how it wrap around the back of the containers?
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Regardless of the flaw, the vehicle mode is full of great details.

The Decepticon logo can be found on the side front of the vehicle. One may just missed that.

This is no ordinary truck as it has additional massive bummer just for ramming anything in it's path. A sign of true Decepticon. However I don't get it why the left side of the wind screen is more protruding than the right.

In short, this Megatron is for the vehicle and robot mode. Not forgetting the scarf that add character to Megatron.

Anyway I do have some doubt why Megatron had that scarf over his head...

Oh really? I didn't know Megatron is concern of his look. Guess he do have a great care of how others view him... Just like how he was pushed by a human lady remark saying he was Sentential Prime's bitch. What happen to the cunning and "Wise" Megatron? LOL


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