Transformers 3 Optimus & Megatron Armored Weapon Platform

In Transformers movie 3, they finally restore the trailer for Optimus Prime. Many fans like me are waiting for more toys of Optimus Prime with his trailer especially what it can do.

This week, TakaraTomy is releasing CV12 Optimus Prime & Armored Weapon Platform. The trailer is finally becoming a add on weapon platform for Optimus Prime!

The trailer can also add on to Optimus Prime himself as weapon and armor upgrade. No blades, just Guns.

Optimus is not alone. His nemesis, Megatron also had a trailer and his trailer can also be a weapon platform.

The weapon platform of Megatron look more intimidating. It should as we are talking about Decepticon here!

Like Optimus Prime, Megatron's trailer can double up as Armor and weapon add on. For Megatron, it look like he has wings!

With these upgrades, you can say that Megatron. Maybe you can win Optimus Prime this time round. LOL

Both of these toys has a retail price of 3,360 Yen each.

I love the vehicle mode tho. Especially Megatron. :)


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