Lego minifigures series 5

For Lego lovers, take note of the release of Lego Minifigures series 5!

This time round I have to say there are more exciting figure for me in this list.

1. Cavewoman with orange hair, bone and huge club
2. Man in a Godzilla / dinosaur suit
3. Female zoo keeper with banana and Chimpanzee
4. Eskimo fisherman with a fishing rod and fish
5. Boxer with helmet and boxing gloves
6. Clown with shorter legs, hat and a pie for throwing at someone face
7. Woodcutter with cap and a hatchet aka Lumber jack
8. Dwarf with round shield, double headed axe and viking wing helment

9. Gladiator with helmet, shield and sword
10. Graduate with square hat and a certificate (Great for graduation gift)
11. Another snowboarder with a snowboard
12. Mafia gangster with hat, violin case and gun.
13. Flash back to the 80s with lady in a pink fitness suit with a pink stereo machine
14. Cleopatra as a Egypt lady with snake, black hair and slinky dress
15. Irish Royal Guard with bearskin helmet and a rifle (Army Building)
16. Sherlock Holmes detective with a cap and magnifying glass (no smoking pipe)

I love most of these in the series. I will sure get some when I saw it the next time.


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