S.H.Figuarts Kamen Rider Shin 1

Henshin! This week, the release of S.H.Figuarts Kamen Rider / Masked Rider Shin 1! How can I missed out this one since I am so old skool. :P

This is going to be a long detail review as there are some details I want to point out for this line. Let's start with the packaging. Here's the overall look of the packaging. Nothing out of the ordinary just like any other packaging right? Well in some way yes it is. But here's some detail in case you may missed out.

First off, notice there is additional logo of Toei Company which produce kamen rider in the 1971.

Notice the side of the box has the silver stripes like the side of Rider 1? It's intentional.

At the back of the packaging, some of the wonderful pose to market Kamen Rider. Well it sold for me.

Kamen Rider Shin 1 represents the new suit by Takeshi Hongo in the first Kamen Rider series.

Enough of the packaging. Let's OPEN THE TOY!

Out of package, you can see the figure, 3 pairs of hands and 1 additional right hand. There is an alternate scarf, shocker sword and power kick effect.

Rider 1 is indeed charming with chrome silver outline, black, green and red color theme.

A Heroic pose with hands around the belt.

Everything start from the belt. The detail of the belt is presentable. I can imagine the spinning motion of the center turbine.

But I wonder what is on the side of the belt?

Anyway I decide to do the Henshin pose like the cover but no matter how hard I tried, I failed to do the exact same pose printed at the back of the box.

It's a bit disappointing...

No matter let's see if he can do some kick. Ready?

Rider KICK!

Look good. Let's see how is it like with the special effect pieces kicking from mid air. Ready? Yes?

I have no action stand so I make do with what I have...

On with the effect!

The effect look 3D indeed!

Next will be the shocker sword.

The detail of the sword, a hawk looking head...

I don't really remember Rider 1 weld the sword before...

but who cares as a weapon always look good with Rider.

I almost forgot to show the back of this Rider 1.

I have Rider 1 mini Helmet with me, it make sense to put them together for a shot. Do they look good together?

This Rider is almost perfect but what it is missing is his bike...

Will I be able to get his original bike, Cyclone for him? We just have to wait and see and pray it is not another web exclusive...

Overall this is a good looking Rider 1 and I still feel the design is popular after close to forty year. I wonder after 40 years later, will fan still remember some of the recent Riders? Only time will tell...


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