Be Kind Singapore National Day Singa

Today is the day where Singapore celebrating his 46th National Day. So it seems fitting to review Singa National Day version in Project Singa series that was release last year.

Singa the Lion is a mascot of Singapore courtesy campaign in the 1980s which in recent years representing Kindness movement program.

Here some facts of Singa National Day version printed on the box

Each Singa comes with unique look and accessories and this National Day is no difference.

Originally Singa is orange but for National Day version, he became White. A white lion is a rare Lion.

To bring the point across of Singa love for Singapore, he wore a T-shirt with I Heart Singapore.

The back of Singa hides his white tail...

This could be the first time Singapore Flag was found in the accessories of a Toy.

If all these doesn't seems enough to bring across the devotion of Singa to Singapore, the new crescent moon and the 5 stars which found on Singapore National Flag is embedded on Singa's face.

So there you have it. Kindness day Singapore National Day Singa. Maybe he is trying to remind Singapore as a country to be Kindness to his fellow man.

Hm...Singa look kinda lonely to make that cheer for Singapore. I added some friends to support Singa for the cheering on this Singapore National day. So here's my OTTi and Meiko.

Now that look better. Happy National Day Singapore. :)


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