Got some PSP in my pocket

Now we all know PSP can fit into some pocket (mostly for guys pants) but for my case, I just got some.

Well they ain't heavy and they are much smaller than regular PSP. They are miniature of the original PSP from TakaraTomy capsule series.

Just how small is it? They fit into a capsule. By the way, this is the new type of capsule at 200 Yen.

I went for two tries and I got a pure Silver PSP-3000 and another White and Blue PSP-3000

Each of the PSP comes with a stripes and a PS logo tag. Classic logo since PSOne era.

The detail of the PSP is quite amazing as you can see the buttons, screen and some fine details. Can they fit into any toys? They sure do.

The detail covers not only front and back but the side as well. You can see the USB connector on the top of the PSP side. Anyone want to guess who is playing this silver PSP?

It's a 6" Ultra-man!! Quite a nice fit I must say.

As for the Blue and White PSP, it is a great fit with my Sega Prize Miku Hatsune. Looking good?

Come to think of it, I only play with my PSP for Project Diva 1 and 2 nowadays. LOL

I always wanted to get some of these PSP gashapon the day I read the news on them and I am glad to find them in Singapore Gashapon aka Capsule machine. :)


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