Hasbro NERF brand has grown into three popular segments including SUPER SOAKER, DART TAG, N-STRIKE, and now, VORTEX! The latest in blaster technology and performance, and a greater blaster variety in a disc technology. That's right. Not dart by Disc. These line is designed for ages 8 years up.


The NERF VORTEX Praxis blaster is designed for long range disc-shots, this pump-action blaster features a 10 disc clip, removable shoulder stock and Tactical Rail System. Compatible with all VORTEX and most NERF N-STRIKE Mission Kit accessories like scopes and sights (each sold separately), the Tactical Rail System allows users to create one of the most epic N-STRIKE and VORTEX blaster hybrids yet! The Praxis will sell for Retail Price: $46.90


The NERF VORTEX Vigilon blaster offers rapid-reload capabilities and features a built in disc clip. Simply release the drop-down clip with the push of a button, place in up to five VORTEX discs, and activate the pull back mechanism to fire. The VORTEX Vigilon is also compatible with the NERF Tactical Rail System and most NERF N-STRIKE accessories and will sell $15.99. Retail Price: SGD $31.90


When you need that last shot to secure success, grab the compact NERF VORTEX Proton blaster. This single-shot blaster comes with 3 VORTEX discs. Simply pull out the back chamber to load one of the discs and blast away even while you’re on the move. The Proton sells for $9.99 and no batteries are required. Retail Price: SGD $21.90

NERF VORTEX Ammo Refill Pack

You’ll need backup ammo to keep up with the latest in NERF blaster technology. The NERF VORTEX Ammo Refill Pack comes with 10 VORTEX discs so you’re always ready to take a great. Retail Price: SGD $11.90


The Nitron is the first fully automatic, clip fed disc blaster in the NERF VORTEX line. The Nitron blaster features a removable clip that can hold up to 20 discs, an Electronic Targeting Scope accessory, a front handle to help steady your shots, and the Tactical Rail System compatible with most VORTEX and NERF N-STRIKE Mission Kit accessories (each sold separately), the VORTEX Nitron blaster embodies the ultimate in innovation and technology within the VORTEX series. The NERF VORTEX Nitron blaster requires six “C” batteries, not included. Electronic Targeting Scope accessory requires two “AA” batteries, not included.

Retail Price: SGD $99.90 but on available from November 2011 onward.

NERF VORTEX will be available at Toys “R” Us and major department stores starting from 9th of September 2011. So Nerf fans, get ready. :)


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