Chun Li and Ryu Super Street Fighter 4 Play Arts Kai

If you are a Street Fighter fan especially Street Fighter 4, Square Enix is releasing Ryu and Chun Li in November 2011.These figure stand around 22cm tall with much articulated parts and accessories.

First off, Ryu. True to the famous style of Ryu, the toy can pose some of his signature move such as "Shoryuken" and "Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku".

Not forgetting "Hadouken" with fireball effect included. The figure comes with optional Open palm, transparent base and optional expression with open mouth.

Next is ChunLi from Street Fighter 4. Consistent to the artwork of street Fighter 4, Chunli had a sweet face and a strong body. Personally I felt her thigh is just too big but that's how she is in the game and the original artwork.

Expect nothing less as her figure can do some of the action pose of ChunLi. She comes with optional open palm hand part, Kikoken effect parts and stand, and open mouth face part.

For Street Fighter fan, these two figures are a must get. Both of these figure have a retail price of 5,200 Yen. Watch out for them in this November.


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