PSP E-1000

Meet PSP E-1000, the cheaper PSP.

By looking at the design, you may think this is the new PSP. Well in a way yes it is but it is the same PSP with revamp of the design (with UMD) but cheaper prices.

PSP E-1000 is currently announced for Europe only at €99 (about 145 USD). There is only one little difference in this model that result in low prices. This PSP had is WiFi-less....No WiFi.

What is the need of WiFi? You probably do not need it if you do not surf the net (Browser of PSP sucks anyway) or play Multi-players game like Monster Hunter in a group.

Sony is not the only one that take a beating to lower the prices of their portable console as Nintendo had also recently slash their 3DS prices to beat iPhone.

For game console, what matter is having good titles with fun and good storyline. Of course if it is online, security is one major concern too. No one want their save game to be edited, item and award lost and credit card number being stolen.

I love the new design tho. Matt and black surfacing. Cool.


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