Ultimate FX Lightsaber

I always wanted a Lightsaber and the one that came close to that is Lightsaber Force FX. However the price of that is always out of economical proportion. Thankful patience pays off again. Finally Hasbro release the Ulitmate FX Lightsaber! There are two version to choose from. The Anakin Skywalker (blue) and Darth Vader (red).

These lightsaber has the realistic version features such as power activation and motion-controlled sound effects. The glow is just like the movie version.

For power, it requires 3x 1.5V AA R6 Batterires (Included)

I am going to get one of these real soon for my Birthday (or maybe someone will buy for me :D) but I do not know which side should I choose.

Which side would you choose if you have to pick one (currently no green or purple. Just red and blue).

By the way if you are wondering, the retail price is SGD$70.00. Affordable isn't it?


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