31 July 2011

DMK-02 BumbleBee Leon Ku version

Open the Toy has the pleasure to present to you one of Leon Ku's working in progress TakaraTomy DMK-02 Bumblebee.

This Bumblebee was at the last stage of completion while I have the pleasure to take some of the photos to share it with you.

Leon Ku wanted to capture the battle action of Bumblebee with his mask down. It is logical to see some action on Bumblebee body parts and the details were there.

The whole kit was painted. Nothing was left untouched. Can you see the different metal looking parts of Bumblebee?

Nice legs?

The arm details...

Bumblebee went off road...take him to out door shot.

The great out door from the top... See how the metal cannon reflect the light?

One more shot with nature. See how the sunlight make the whole part glow especially the head lights.

Bumblebee look really organic now. :) Once again a big thank you to Leon Ku for allowing me to take some of your working pictures.

30 July 2011

Pororo the little Penguin

Hello friends. Hello my good friends. Let's come together, Poro Poro Pororo. :D

Have I gone nuts? Well I think I kinda did as I always sing this song to my young son. You see my son is a fan of Pororo. Much of the time I spent together with him was watching children TV programs and when Pororo comes along, my son will start to dance and sing with the song. Seeing him dancing and singing, how can I not join in the fun? LOL

Since my son love Pororo, I decided to look for a Pororo toy for him. However no matter how hard I search in my area, I couldn't find a decent Pororo toy for him. Since the show was produce in Korea, I know the merchandise must be from Korea too. I was glad to call in a favor from a Korea friend of mine who is so willing to make my son happy. So here it is. The Original Pororo plush!

For those who have no idea what so fun about Pororo? Just look at this video. Even in Korea the animation and the music will make you feel Happy.

Well this toy is the season 2 of Pororo when suddenly all of the characters started to dress up. Don't asked me why they dress them up as season 1 all of them were rather naked. Personally I like season 1 look of Pororo with the aviator pilot helmet. Anyway in Season 2, Pororo suit up with diver body suit which how this toy to be.

Here's the original tag that show the original product.

At the back of the tag were Korean wording.

Personally I like the head of Pororo as it is very cosy to hug. There is a capital P on the hat of Pororo.

This version of mine is the 38cm which is just nice for my son to hug.

At the side is another tag in Korean. Just it is the brand of the product.

If you are wonder why my friend got for me this Pororo, it is found on the Korean Pororo website here.

I heard from my Korean friends that in Korea there are building a Pororo theme park. I am sure if it is ready, I will make plans to bring my son there.

It's always a pleasure to be able to get something that make our child happy. :)

29 July 2011

Toy Masters the Movie

We have lot of movies that help selling toys such as Green Lantern, Batman, Transformers and the list goes on. However hardly we have a movie about the Toy makers. Coming in 2012 there's a documentary like movie about Mattel, toy designer more around He-man toys.

Here is a LONG Trailer.

Back in the mid 80s, He-man series was very popular and made a mark at the hearts of all boys. I am one of those He-man. Maybe I should review some of my old He-man toys soon.

Since we are at the topic of Mattel, one of the co-founder of Mattel and Hot Wheels creator, Elliot Handler had past away earlier this week. Elliot pass on at the full years of 95 years old.

coming back regarding this movie, I will certainly look forward to this documentary... I mean movie....I mean documentary...oh Whatever!

More of this news at www.toymastersmovie.com

27 July 2011

What Vegeta have to say about the exclusive?

Ever since the news of S.H.Figuarts Super Saiyan Vegeta is releasing as a Tamashii Web Exclusive, it generate quite a lot of buzz from the fans and the collectors. Some are happy that it is finally releasing while others complain they have to pay much more to get this limited figure.  So what Prince Vegeta have to say for this exclusive himself?

Let's have a short interview with Prince Vegeta.

Hi Prince Vegeta. What do you think about the Super Saiyan version of you being releasing as S.H.Figuarts?

Ah yes. By kakarrot you are referring to Son Goku.

Many especially oversea fans express that the difficultly and the much higher price to pay for getting this exclusive.

Don't get me wrong, No one said you are cheap, it's just that people in general feel...

Hm...interesting that you point out the variant color of Super Saiyan Goku in the wonderfest. Didn't know it was kinda of repaint from the first release tho.

That a side, pricing is still a concern with the col...

Well since you put it that way, that doesn't leave much room for the conversation.

PS: All of the content here are fictional. Readers should take this just for fun. :)

26 July 2011

S.H.Figuarts Super Saiyan Vegeta

One of the good news I read from Tamashii Festival 2011 was the upcoming release of SH FiguArts Super Saiyan Vegeta. Just when I thought Bandai had given up on the SH FiguArts Dragonball Kai series.

My joy was short live when I read that the 14cm tall Super Vegeta from the era of Android Saga is going to be release as a Tamashii Web Exclusive.That mean it is for Japan only and it is limited figure releasing in December 2011 at 3465 yen.

Why such a move by Bandai? Apparently the previous slow down of release of Dragonball Kai series was due to the drop in popularity of this almost 30 years old Manga. Maybe by limited the production of this Vegeta, die hard fan will be more appreciative to this figure rather than letting flood the market by overly supply.

Anyway Pre-order is a good way to get the popularity on the ground although it may not be reflected always accurately due to overhype and slow to make it to meet the demand and the fever wear off. With pre-order they can manage the supply which in turn cut cost by not over supply.

Anyway will I ever get this Vegeta to pay more for this toy? Maybe Vegeta is saying Good bye to me...

* Vegeta : Talk to my hand!

Well I have to wait and see. What's your thought on web exclusive?

25 July 2011

Gunpla Builder World Cup coming

Bandai has announced the first ever Gunpla Builder World Cup dedicated to Gundam plastic models.

It will be held in 13 international regions open to Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Australia, America, and Italy between July to December.

Since July 1980, Gunplas are sold over 460,000,000 in Japan.(Investigated in March 2011) And it is sold over 28,000,000 Gunplas out of Japan. Gunpla is a contents that is wide spreaded all over the world especially in Asia by hot fans.

The winner of the world championships will be announced in December at HongKong Gunpla Expo World Cup Tour.

If you are a modeller and want to enter this contest, get ready your model kit!

23 July 2011

DMK-02 Transformers Bumblebee Complete

Finally completed assembled TakaraTomy DMK-02 Tranformers Movie Bumble Bee.

Even thought this kit is smaller than DMK-01 Optimus Prime, it is no way easier. Let's rewind a little on the process I did for this BumbleBee.

It started out assembling the head.

At this form, it remind me of the prototype Autobots when they crushed onto earth. I started to assemble the body to size him up.

On his skeleton form, the license plate of the vehicle was found printed on his body. Quickly go buy lottery using this number :P

I got back to assemble the head and with the yellow pieces fitted on his head, he is more movie looking.

Even at this point that I fitted the parts only on one side, the model still can stand well on one leg. Great balance.

An hour plus went by and I finally fitted all the parts together. Meet Bumblebee.

I got Bumblebee to strike some movie pose.

Here's how he look at the back. The details are great and it come with the price to be patient to assemble it.

The legs outer cast comes with decal and pre-paint which give an edge of this model kit.

Personally I like Bumblebee's back especially the two wheels and his "wings".

Why did I say that this model kit require more patient? Firstly the part is smaller. Some of the connection joints can be quite brittle. So be careful.

Curious to see how this model kit stand with the toy version? Well here's a photo of that.

Did I mention Bumblebee comes with battle mask and cannon?

An action pose of firing his cannon.

With Bumblebee done, it is proper to have him to stand with Optimus Prime of the same line.

So there you have it. Transformers Model kit from TakaraTomy.Personally I find fixing Optimus Prime more satisfying. No wonder Optimus Prime model kit is so hot currently.

22 July 2011

Wonder Festival 2011 Append Miku Hatsune & Kagamine Rin

Fans of Vocaloid. Look out for these Append version of Hatsune Miku ( 初音ミク ) and Kagamine Rin ( 鏡音リン ).

These are 1/7 scale cold cast by Honeycomb. These are the “Vocaloid 2-02″. The beauty of these version are some of it are clear parts.

This Hatsune Miku Append kit is going for 10,000 yen with total of 37 unpainted parts of which 14 are clear resin parts. So modeller can now do they thing painting her including decals.

As for Rin, there are 33 parts of which 17 parts are clear. This kit is going at 12,000 yen waiting for modeller to paint and assemble her. Decal included too!

The complete work look fabulous. Both Rin and Miku. Anyone taking the challenge to do this kit?

If you must know Wonderfest starting 24th of July 2011. :)

21 July 2011

Enterbay Leon the Professional

Sound like a action figure of myself.... NOT! This is the famous Leon from the movie Leon the Professional.

The movie was directed by a French director Luc Besson and the movie starring Jean Reno, Gary Oldman, and a young Natalie Portman (which get Portman famous).

Enterbay has done a great job in the facial capture of Jean Reno.

Beneath the suit is a leather arms jacket with the generates striped on his body just like the last part of the movie.

Just like in the movie, Leon has a carrier bag with all his firearms.

The toy comes with a figure stand, 10 Optional hands, Leon clothing set (black coat, white shirt, black trousers, brown shoes, knit hat, black shirts, leather vest, sun glasses), a Plant, Packet of Milk with one glass, Pruning shears, Gun case, Guns x 6 (Beretta M92FS, S&W M586, Sturm Ruger Mk-I etc), 2 Silencer, a Knife and 6 Grenades

This master pieces will be releasing in late September 2011.

Will there be Gary Oldman and young Natalie Portman following by EnterBay? Go ahead, take a shot!

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