Takara Tomy DMK-01 Transformers Optimus Prime Review 1

I am always a fan of TakaraTomy Transformers line. When I read that TakaraTomy is releasing a 1/35 model kit of the movie Optimus Prime, I am eager to find out how it is going to be. I was thankful to be able to get hold on one to review and assemble. Let's see how TakaraTomy do Model kit.

The box was huge and exposing the inner fame of Optimus Prime. The box shows the completion of the model kit both front and back of the Dark of the moon version of Optimus Prime. Will it look this good when it is assembled? I am dying to find out.

TakaraTomy offers mask on and off Optimus Prime. Personally I will go for Mask on version any day. Call me old skool but I find the Mask off version evil looking.

Time to Open the Toy!

On opening I checked for all the 15 runners...yes you read it right. We are talking about 15 pieces of runners here. Just look at the instruction manual for proof.

However the photo on the box only shows these few parts... So who is correct? We find out more later.

Before going to the runners, let's explore the inner fame which is pose-able like any action figure.

The frame is decent and it's fun to pose it in various form. The frame isn't too fragile so that's one point for TakaraTomy.

Now let's do some action pose such as kicking! Checked!

Doing bending down to ground in style? Checked!

Overall I am impress with the inner frame for it functionality. I actually spend around 5 minutes playing with the frame alone. LOL

Now let's get back to the 15 sets of runners. Now the inner frame is empty because you need to size up by the large numbers of parts from the runners. Just how much? here's a snapshot.

Does the amount of the runners for the body alone freak you up? One thing for sure, this model kit is not for newbie.

Now I am starting to feel the challenge...Look at the runner for the hands...

Other parts of the body...

Now I notice the quality of the runners will pre-paint which is a good thing for me.

* Snapshot of another piece of runner

The chest piece with the Autobot logo. Look at the detail which comes with the paint too!

* Snapshot of YET another piece of runner

There are chrome parts as well which the model kit provide! WOW!

Not forgetting the rubber parts for the wheels.

Windows parts and the blade of the sword comes together in one runner.

Remaining will be the red runners which if you are professional, you would want to touch up as the red is too dull.

The decal of flame is on the runner and also pre-painted part of the chest. The paint is neat.

As for the blue runners, these are for part of the head

Here's the close up of the two different faces.

Another blue runner of the parts which some part is for the head (different from above)

It also comes with the flame decal applied on.

That's a total of 15 runners excluding the inner frame body. Looking at the review so far, I can see the time and effort of putting this model kit together. It is no child play but it will surely take some time but have fun to put it together.So this is good for experience and "non-lazy" collectors.

I will talk about assembling on my next post. So stay tune as it will take me sometime to assemble and review. Before closing, let me share with you my biggest Optimus Prime that I have with the inner frame of . LOL

Continue Review can be found here.


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