Pororo the little Penguin

Hello friends. Hello my good friends. Let's come together, Poro Poro Pororo. :D

Have I gone nuts? Well I think I kinda did as I always sing this song to my young son. You see my son is a fan of Pororo. Much of the time I spent together with him was watching children TV programs and when Pororo comes along, my son will start to dance and sing with the song. Seeing him dancing and singing, how can I not join in the fun? LOL

Since my son love Pororo, I decided to look for a Pororo toy for him. However no matter how hard I search in my area, I couldn't find a decent Pororo toy for him. Since the show was produce in Korea, I know the merchandise must be from Korea too. I was glad to call in a favor from a Korea friend of mine who is so willing to make my son happy. So here it is. The Original Pororo plush!

Well this toy is the season 2 of Pororo when suddenly all of the characters started to dress up. Don't asked me why they dress them up as season 1 all of them were rather naked. Personally I like season 1 look of Pororo with the aviator pilot helmet. Anyway in Season 2, Pororo suit up with diver body suit which how this toy to be.

Here's the original tag that show the original product.

At the back of the tag were Korean wording.

Personally I like the head of Pororo as it is very cosy to hug. There is a capital P on the hat of Pororo.

This version of mine is the 38cm which is just nice for my son to hug.

At the side is another tag in Korean. Just it is the brand of the product.

If you are wonder why my friend got for me this Pororo, it is found on the Korean Pororo website here.

I heard from my Korean friends that in Korea there are building a Pororo theme park. I am sure if it is ready, I will make plans to bring my son there.

It's always a pleasure to be able to get something that make our child happy. :)


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