DMK-01 Transformers Optimus Prime Completed Review

Finally I have done up TakaraTomy DMK-01 Optimus Prime model kit. It was not really a easy kit as there are many parts and I have given lot of patient on this kit. However the end result is worth it as the details of this kit is amazing.

Previously we left off with complete the base feet of Optimus Prime. I continue to build on the inner pieces of the arms.

Once all the inner pieces were done, it is time to complete the Torso of Optimus Prime. I did one side to show you guys the kit.

Now both side. Optimus certainly look buff up.

Now all it was missing is the full helmet.

By doing this kit, I finally notice the complexity of the head of Optimus Prime. It has many layers that make his head gear look so awesome.

Once the chest is done, time to move on to the legs. Again I have done up one complete side to show you the difference.

Now regarding this gear, I couldn't really get the knee pieces to go in completely. I have doubt it was to be push in completely tho... However I will make do for it for now.

There is another pieces that doesn't fit well which is the blue leg pieces too which is very different from the instruction. Again I make do for that as I just keep that in position.

The fingers of Optimus Prime are another headache. The fingers joint are loose and they are easily fall off. So I make do to place them as fist position.

Now I will move to weapon time... Why Optimus Prime doesn't come with a gun?

Nonetheless, it come with 2 blades on each of his arms to fit in.

The blade has details like Cybertron writing on the blade. A nice touch but I wonder what does it mean...

Here is the full body shot of the completed Optimus Prime.

The prepainted part are good looking enough.

A close up of the parts at the back.

Although this kit do have some inconsistency, the effort and the details of the kit is there and I believe in the days to come, TakaraTomy will produce better model kit like Bandai. It is just a matter of time.

This kit is still worth the price. I know there are transformers fan who want to get this model kit. For those who have not done model kit before, please do not expect to do great pose and play with it like a Toy and although it is articulated, the movement of the kit may cause some parts to fall off.

It is after a model kit and not an action figure.However this kit is a real looker on display.


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