Kidrobot Street Fighter Mini Series

For Street Fighters fan, do you know kidrobot has a Street Fighter 3-Inch Mini Series? Well now you know!

Kidrobot together with Capcom take you back to the arcade with some of the characters in the retro Street Fighter 2.

All 12 of the original World Warriors, including the Psycho-Powered chase, are blind boxed and stylized in 3-inch vinyl. You can get your chances on blind boxes to make it more exciting! Ain't they cute?

During the coming SDCC 2011, kidrobot will be releasing an exclusive figure of this series... Evil Ryu!

Isn't he wicked?

Now if you are not in America, you maybe wondering why this series never make it to your country, it is normal as the license of this whole series is only available to America and no where else. Don't that make you want to get more?

As a Street Fighter 2 fan, I have my favorites in the game. What about you?


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