Wonder Festival 2011 Append Miku Hatsune & Kagamine Rin

Fans of Vocaloid. Look out for these Append version of Hatsune Miku ( 初音ミク ) and Kagamine Rin ( 鏡音リン ).

These are 1/7 scale cold cast by Honeycomb. These are the “Vocaloid 2-02″. The beauty of these version are some of it are clear parts.

This Hatsune Miku Append kit is going for 10,000 yen with total of 37 unpainted parts of which 14 are clear resin parts. So modeller can now do they thing painting her including decals.

As for Rin, there are 33 parts of which 17 parts are clear. This kit is going at 12,000 yen waiting for modeller to paint and assemble her. Decal included too!

The complete work look fabulous. Both Rin and Miku. Anyone taking the challenge to do this kit?

If you must know Wonderfest starting 24th of July 2011. :)


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