TakaraTomy DMK-02 Transformers Bumblebee Begins

After completed DMK-01 Optimus Prime from TakaraTomy, I decided to follow up to assemble DMK-02 Bumblebee. Both are 1/35 and logicially Bumblebee would be much smaller than Optimus Prime, it maybe safe to assume that this kit would be easy.... or is it?

Very much like DMK-01 Optimus Prime, Bumblebee comes with two face option. Battle mask or normal mode. Whether the mask shield slide down or it is entire complete face part we will find out when I assemble it.

Like in the movie, Bumblebee main weapon is his cannon. This kit provide the choice of hand and cannon. Great!

Again the display photo of the kit gave another false impression the parts are little...

Just look at the actual parts of the kit yourself.

Is that what you were expecting? I mean this could really be painstaking and fun. LOL

Let's go to the skeleton of Bumblebee.

This part is very articulated. I can safely said this part I would consider that as an action figure.

Both arms, legs and even torso have good movement. Enough to do some action pose.

As for the parts, some of the grey (internal) parts were pre-painted.

As for the yellow runners (external body parts), more pre-paint was done in great details.

Pre-painted parts always gets mixed reaction from the consumers. Some like it because it saved time and effort but some more advance modeller do not appreciate that as they need to do extra work to clean it off and repaint themselves. As for me, I belongs to the former. :)

Here's a snapshot of the writing of the Bumblebee name on the runners.

Well I will spend the time now to start assembling this kit and review in details. So look out for my next post!

Do you like pre-painted model kit?

Continue to the complete Bumblebee kit here.


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