Mattel Cars 2 Lightning McQueen

My son love cars (as in the vehicles) and as the Disney/Pixar Cars 2 merchandises are on sale currently, I decided to get him a Lightning McQueen. Ka-chow!

The version I got was a simple toy car of Cars2 Lightning McQueen. No lights, No sound. Just a plain old fashion durable plastic car for my son to play around. It come with just a plastic bag packaging.

Did I mention it was from Mattel?

This toy car is very light but it sure can roll smoothly just by giving a little push.

Reason why I choose McQueen was not because he is the main lead but more of his striking red color and decals. In the second movie, the decal of McQueen has change a little. You still can see a lightning sign but the reflective shinny reflective small parts were missing on this toy.

On the top view, you will also notice the changes in decal on the front bonnet. The changes will be the Pistol Cup decal and the back wing with World Grand Prix.

At the back of McQueen are some more decals even with an American flag.

I personally find the best looking of McQueen is the side view. Maybe because by the side view, you wouldn't know this is a cartoon animated car instead of a real sport car

Nonetheless this is a children animated movie so having a cute and cool look is more important as a character than a racing car.

My son do love this car when he saw it and has been playing with it much. Maybe the color red has something to do with it. You never know.

Personally I appreciate the animation especially the story of this movie. I have not seen Cars 2 yet thought but I will certainly catch it later with my boy. :)

Do you like Lightning McQueen?


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