SDCC exclusive Catwoman and Batgirl Pullip Dolls

This year USA's San Diego Comic Con exclusive Pullip Dolls are two female characters from DC comic. Can you guess who?

Catwoman. Dressed in black rubber suit, be careful of her whip!

Like a wild cat…. she blend into the night in a carefree manner…. she will get anything She want…Feel Like So.. I love her goggles.

Here's how catwoman look like with mask off. Very pretty and neat short hair.

Next is Batgirl!
Daughter of Inspector Gordon with red long curly hair

She can do some action pose. Don't take her lightly.

With mask off, she is a killer! Just look at her. Gorgeous!

These two certainly will be a hot figure when they release for SDCC for Pullip fans. Read more of Catwoman and Batgirl Pullip.


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