DMK-02 Transformers Bumblebee Complete

Finally completed assembled TakaraTomy DMK-02 Tranformers Movie Bumble Bee.

Even thought this kit is smaller than DMK-01 Optimus Prime, it is no way easier. Let's rewind a little on the process I did for this BumbleBee.

It started out assembling the head.

At this form, it remind me of the prototype Autobots when they crushed onto earth. I started to assemble the body to size him up.

On his skeleton form, the license plate of the vehicle was found printed on his body. Quickly go buy lottery using this number :P

I got back to assemble the head and with the yellow pieces fitted on his head, he is more movie looking.

Even at this point that I fitted the parts only on one side, the model still can stand well on one leg. Great balance.

An hour plus went by and I finally fitted all the parts together. Meet Bumblebee.

I got Bumblebee to strike some movie pose.

The legs outer cast comes with decal and pre-paint which give an edge of this model kit.

Personally I like Bumblebee's back especially the two wheels and his "wings".

Why did I say that this model kit require more patient? Firstly the part is smaller. Some of the connection joints can be quite brittle. So be careful.

Curious to see how this model kit stand with the toy version? Well here's a photo of that.

Did I mention Bumblebee comes with battle mask and cannon?

An action pose of firing his cannon.

With Bumblebee done, it is proper to have him to stand with Optimus Prime of the same line.

So there you have it. Transformers Model kit from TakaraTomy.Personally I find fixing Optimus Prime more satisfying. No wonder Optimus Prime model kit is so hot currently.


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