Enterbay Leon the Professional

Sound like a action figure of myself.... NOT! This is the famous Leon from the movie Leon the Professional.

The movie was directed by a French director Luc Besson and the movie starring Jean Reno, Gary Oldman, and a young Natalie Portman (which get Portman famous).

Enterbay has done a great job in the facial capture of Jean Reno.

Beneath the suit is a leather arms jacket with the generates striped on his body just like the last part of the movie.

Just like in the movie, Leon has a carrier bag with all his firearms.

The toy comes with a figure stand, 10 Optional hands, Leon clothing set (black coat, white shirt, black trousers, brown shoes, knit hat, black shirts, leather vest, sun glasses), a Plant, Packet of Milk with one glass, Pruning shears, Gun case, Guns x 6 (Beretta M92FS, S&W M586, Sturm Ruger Mk-I etc), 2 Silencer, a Knife and 6 Grenades

This master pieces will be releasing in late September 2011.

Will there be Gary Oldman and young Natalie Portman following by EnterBay? Go ahead, take a shot!


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