Review 2: DMK-01 Transformers Optimus Prime

I took the time on weekend to start assembling TakaraTomy DMK-01 Optimus Prime. So far I have assembled the part of the head and the legs.

Even though I was warned and mentally prepared to start sizing up Optmus Prime, the effort and parts to piece Optimus Prime together overwhelm me. I began with the head which is the easiest of them all. To interchange the face was a piece of cake. Just remove the face and snap on with the other face.

The neck connection was a let down. The movement of the neck and head are limited and full movement of the head from left to right, up and down were often met with head falling off.

Next I moved to inserting the chest part to give it a 3D details. One of the "killers" at that chest were the tubes. The manual shows inserting of the tubes after inserting the chest piece. I tried that and the tubes kept falling off. So I decided another approached which is inserting the tubes on the chest piece first and later migrate that complete piece to the chest and it was much easier.

As more parts were added, the fullest of the chest with details starting to make sense.

Here's how Optimus Prime look with all the chest internal details attached. See the rich details?

Next is the back. Inatead of muscles, there are tubing to be inserted. I have taken a photo of a side completed with tubes and the other the bare back skeleton. At this point you are not only sizing up the back but the butt too.

Next we move on to the feet which has more parts than the torso.

The sole of the feet consist of multiples small joints that provide more balance for the figure. There are a total of 14 parts to make out a single foot. All these parts gave the feet a better balance and grip.

The full leg consists of more than 20 parts per side. Just look at the differences.

Now you can bend the keens and adjust the feet to balance the whole Optimus Prime.

Balancing on one feet can be achieve with some adjustment.

Isn't that great?

If you are looking for details, this model kit score high on that. I have to say even thought it is time staking to put up the pieces on Optimus, the end results is really worth it. The number parts of this Optimus Prime easily exceeded some Gundam designs. 

Anyway it is only on weekend I get to have the spare time to assemble this model kit however I promised the next review of this kit will be before next Sunday. Meanwhile check back often, you never know if I happened to find some free time to assemble again during the week days. :)

Updates: The complete kit is here.


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