S.H.Figuarts Super Saiyan Vegeta

One of the good news I read from Tamashii Festival 2011 was the upcoming release of SH FiguArts Super Saiyan Vegeta. Just when I thought Bandai had given up on the SH FiguArts Dragonball Kai series.

My joy was short live when I read that the 14cm tall Super Vegeta from the era of Android Saga is going to be release as a Tamashii Web Exclusive.That mean it is for Japan only and it is limited figure releasing in December 2011 at 3465 yen.

Why such a move by Bandai? Apparently the previous slow down of release of Dragonball Kai series was due to the drop in popularity of this almost 30 years old Manga. Maybe by limited the production of this Vegeta, die hard fan will be more appreciative to this figure rather than letting flood the market by overly supply.

Anyway Pre-order is a good way to get the popularity on the ground although it may not be reflected always accurately due to overhype and slow to make it to meet the demand and the fever wear off. With pre-order they can manage the supply which in turn cut cost by not over supply.

Anyway will I ever get this Vegeta to pay more for this toy? Maybe Vegeta is saying Good bye to me...

* Vegeta : Talk to my hand!

Well I have to wait and see. What's your thought on web exclusive?


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