31 August 2009

It's Hatsune Miku Birthday!!

I only know about Miku Hatsune after I spent sometime playing Project Diva on my PSP. In that process, I became a fan for her songs. That was where I started to find out more about her.

Hatsune Miku was the first installment in the Vocaloid2 Character Vocal Series released on August 31, 2007 so officially, she is two years old today!

Happy 2nd Birthday Miku!

Last year on her birthday, they made a song, 【初音ミク】8月の花嫁【オリジナル曲】 / 【Miku Hatsune】August Bride 【Original Song】 and this year to celebrate Miku's 2nd Birthday, there will be Miku FES 2009 in Japan later today.

For those who do not know who is Miku and why she so hot now, here's a short introduction about her.

Who is Hatsune Miku?
If you are talking about her as a person or a character, she was "The first voice of the Future" in liter translation of her name 初音未来.

What? She is not a person?
Like Mickey Mouse and other famous characters in cartoon or Anime, she is a fictional character. To be exact, she is a Vocaloid.

Huh? What is a Vocaloid?
Vocaloid is a singing synthesizer application software developed by the Yamaha Corporation that enables users to synthesize singing by just typing in lyrics and melody. The software was first brought to light in January 15, 2004 and in January 2007, Yamaha announced a new version of the software engine, Vocaloid2. That is where Hatsune Miku came in.

Hatsune Miku was the first installment of Vocaloid2 character vocal series which is tuned to create J-pop songs mostly and other genres.

So who is the voice behind Hatsune Miku?
Her voice data was collected by using a Japanese voice actress voice of Saki Fujita as sampling.

The above picture is NOT Saki Fujita but just some random good cosplayer which I felt she really suited to be Miku! :D

On this blog, I will be start a series of Project Diva fun stuff soon, so look out for it Miku's fan!

Meanwhile, you can go take a look at Project Diva Tokyo game show last year at kyourankyodai.com. You can get to see the voice actress Saki Fujita on that post too!

30 August 2009

Keroro Ball & Keroro Gunso

This is a Kero Ball ケロボール.

It is a multi-function Keronian weapon. This handy ball is capable for Realization, Electrocution, Teleporting, Cloning and other stuff like Levitation. As powerful as it sound, this Kero ball is merely a casing for something more wonderful.

Opening up, you will get to see the goodies inside. None other than Keroro himself.

Being a Gunpla fan, Keroro was seen being busy making his Gundam model.

This series have some other model available. I don't know why the same series had two Giroro design...

Looking at Keroro busy working away with his gundam model, it remind me of some SD Sangokuden Gundam I have yet to fix it.

So do I keroro san. :(

29 August 2009

If Playmobil would make a Michael Jackson...

If Michael Jackson would have been alive, he would be 51 years old today. By now, I think most people would have kinda forgotten him but not for his fan. Happy 51st Birthday Michael.

I was wondering how Michael Jackson will be if he was made to be a Playmobil figure. When I went looking for one, someone from Taiwan Playmobil actually did a custom for him even before MJ's death from flickr.

Anyway if you like to see more of this custom playmobil, they can be found at 91's Photo stream. Retweet it if you like to share it on this special day.

Updates: The photos of the toy had been removed by Flickr and at such this there is no more such photo. 

28 August 2009

OTTi First Paper Toy

I am proud to announce that Adrian from Little Plastic Man had finished the first ever OTTi Paper Toy!

*Above Picture Credit to Little Plastic Man

According to Adrian:
"I see OTTi as a cheeky, fun and willing to do anything for a laugh kind of guy, hence I decided to ask him to bare it all!!"

And he is not far from the truth about OTTi. More of OTTi will be revile next month here on Openthetoy.

I have to thank Adrian for his willingness and effort in creating this OTTi Paper toys. Once the template from Adrian is out for public download, we will let you know. Meanwhile head over for the exclusive Photo shots over at Littleplasticman and show him your support! :)

27 August 2009

NECA Ryu Vs SOTA Guile by Phantomzone

This review is a guest entry by Phantomzone

Phantomzone had just did another guest post on the review of NECA Ryu vs SOTA Guile. In this review, he will be testing various articulations of NECA and SOTA figures and Phantomzone's personal thoughts on the figures in the dialogue of the characters.

Picking up Previously...

Will NECA Gulie be better than SOTA Gulie?

You can get a NECA Ryu here.

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