OTTi First Paper Toy

I am proud to announce that Adrian from Little Plastic Man had finished the first ever OTTi Paper Toy!

*Above Picture Credit to Little Plastic Man

According to Adrian:
"I see OTTi as a cheeky, fun and willing to do anything for a laugh kind of guy, hence I decided to ask him to bare it all!!"

And he is not far from the truth about OTTi. More of OTTi will be revile next month here on Openthetoy.

I have to thank Adrian for his willingness and effort in creating this OTTi Paper toys. Once the template from Adrian is out for public download, we will let you know. Meanwhile head over for the exclusive Photo shots over at Littleplasticman and show him your support! :)


Jcee said…
Adrian did an awesome job on it! Love the bathing suit concept LOL
LEon said…
Yes he did Jcee. Thanks for your support. :D
Nice cool dude! I like the magazine style pic too!
Juliana said…
It's alive, ALIVE!! :D

Congrates to you LEon, you proud Daddy :P
LEon said…
That was Adrian idea. :D

Thanks. Hope Adrian download template will be done soon for all to download. :D

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