Paper OTTi coming your way by Little Plastic Man!

It is official!
We have the honor to work with Little Plastic Man on collaboration to produce paper figure of OTTi, the Mascot of this blog.

Previously Adrian has done an impressive collaboration with Pop Culture Junkie and now he is doing the same (if not better) for Open the toy. Since the last met up in person at STGCC 2009, we felt it is the right time for some collaboration for greater synergy in the toy blogging community.

We can expect to see the final product at the end of Aug 2009.
For more updates, check out Little Plastic Man for the progress!

I can't wait! Maybe I should give some history on OTTi soon too!


It's great to hear that! Now OTTi can be real!
LEon said…
Dennis, you get to play with it too in time to come. :)
chunky B said…
I have to tell you LEon, I think it's awesome that your blog mascot is becoming a paper toy. I cannot wait to see it.
LEon said…
Thank you Chunky. I am looking forward to it too! :D

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