Twilight Edward and Bella Toys

When the movie Twilight was out, many teenagers (female) goes wild for the main lead. Since it is a popular movie, surely there are toys for it. Sure enough they are!

For action figure, Neca did a wonderful job for those two love birds Edward and Bella. The toys have 10 articulated points each but they didn't put in knee joints for both figures. However the scripting is make the toy worthwhile for the fans. Since there are an item, they are sold in pair.

Since this vampire series are more to the female gender(You know as vampire did not die but sparkle like twilight under the sun), there will be Twilight Movie Barbie and Ken Dolls (Edward and Bella). There will be out at Toy R Us in October/November which is around the sequel New Moon released date. The Barbie Bella and Edward look more like Barbie and Ken rather than the actor and actress themselves.

So if you are a doll collector, you may want to go for Tonner version of Twilight. A picture said a thousand word.

Who want to have a bite?


[SK] said…
sometimes it just get a little eerie when these dolls are made till so real.. :p
LEon said…
I know what you mean. Especially in Asian culture, real looking dolls are not something we can accept due to some folk tales and belief.
Dash MacBastard said…
Sigh... Where's Blade or Van Helsing when you really need them?
Ningyo said…
Okai, when they even give his (Edward's) doll eyeshadow it looks really creepy >.>

Migawd, what won't they do with twilight? I can probably expect Figmas soon.
LEon said…
In the story, the vampire seems rather weak but they are humanitarian so what I can say?

Please don't give Figmas ideas. LOL
Jeremy said…
Hi LEon,

As a huge Twilight series fan, I was wondering... Is Singapore selling the NECA New Moon action figures yet? If yes then where can I find it?

LEon said…
I have not seen Twilight NECA new moon in Singapore yet. If I saw them, I will put a post of it at this blog. :)

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