Nerf Secret Strike AS-1

I got this Nerf gun from Adrian aka Little plastic man during the STGCC Opening Night.

I promised to make a review on this Nerf Secret Strike AS-1. Before the review, I never really know how this mini Nerf gun work. I doubt the distance the shot can travel judging the size of this short mini gun. Some more it comes with a keychain hook!

When I open the toy, I realized the back of the card can act as a target board. Nice touch for something to aim at. It come with two suction foam darts. The retail is sell this around $7.

After reading the instruction at the back of the card, I realized that the trigger was on the top of gun rather than the trigger looking pump. You should put the dart in place and push the pump for seven times or more before pressing the trigger to fire off the dart.

I followed the instruction but I was skeptical of the outcome. Since it was a suction dart, I just aim at one of my display case window cross the room (about 3 meter) and I pushed the trigger. The dart flew fast and strong hitting the glass panel of one of my display cases and stick firmly on it.

I was impressed with the distance and suction. This is my first suction dart Nerf gun and I have so much fun playing looking at where the suction can stick on.

I tried it on my poor Snitch again

and Optimus Prime too!

It's really fun. My dogs were equally excited to see the dart flying pass them. It's really a fun toy. Once again, thanks Adrian for the gift! :)

If you like to get Secret Strike AS-1, you can get one here!


Glad u had fun with it...:)
LEon said…
I have lot of fun. My favorite nerf gun so far. LOL
Excellent marksmanship. Looks handy and fun! Enjoy!

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