Keroro Ball & Keroro Gunso

This is a Kero Ball ケロボール.

It is a multi-function Keronian weapon. This handy ball is capable for Realization, Electrocution, Teleporting, Cloning and other stuff like Levitation. As powerful as it sound, this Kero ball is merely a casing for something more wonderful.

Opening up, you will get to see the goodies inside. None other than Keroro himself.

Being a Gunpla fan, Keroro was seen being busy making his Gundam model.

This series have some other model available. I don't know why the same series had two Giroro design...

Looking at Keroro busy working away with his gundam model, it remind me of some SD Sangokuden Gundam I have yet to fix it.

So do I keroro san. :(


Pretty cute and unique Keroro capsule toy. Did you get this locally?
LEon said…
Yes if I remember correctly I got this toy from Comic connection about 2-3 years ago. I got this because of the Kero Ball. :P
Unknown said…
How to open it? Can you show in a video?

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