Dragonball Gadget No.7: Saiyan Armor

Welcome back to Dragonball Tuesday. Today we are heading back to the cool gadgets from the Dragonball series. Continue the countdown, next in line are the Saiyan Armor.

They are extremely stretchable

They even fit Vegeta when he transformed to the great ape form.

The armor are designed to be stand certain amount of attack and it is light weight. They will not obstruct any movement of the wearer in combat or on mission. I don't think heat is a problem to the wearer too.

It's really an advance piece of technology which made for one size fit all in various configurations to customized to any style and needs.

I always want one of these even when I was younger. However I always find them look weird in real life

* Picture credit to Future girl on flickr

but in the Manga and Anime, they look really cool.

As for toys, this is the only Saiyan Armor I have from my Vegeta figure from Bandai.

Saiyan Armor is a must have to complete the look of a Saiyan! What will you do if you have a Saiya Armor? Will you wear it?


Snark said…
I once saw a piece of fanart with a female saiyan wearing this funky bikini saiyan armour. It was hot.
LEon said…
Snark, I would love to see that fan art you talk about. Any way to link it here?
Sei.Mn said…
HAHA!! the cosplay sure looks funny :P
LEon said…
yes sei, the cosplayer look very stiff wearing the suit...
Ant Sized Man said…
Saiyan armor is one of the coolest looking gadgets in DBZ. Always wonder if it should be Freeza armor instead of Saiyan, doubt the saiyan invented it.
Best look was the later version with no shoulder pads that Vegata wore after Namek
LEon said…
You are right Ant Sized Man. Originally it should be Freeza as he supply these armors to his henchmen especially the Saiyan. However in the comic, it was the unique fashion line on Saiyan on Raddit and maybe that is why it was called Saiyan's armor. Come to think of it, it doesn't protect the wearer in the comic too in many occasions. LOL
It is an amazing tight fitting suit that goes super expandable. Vegeta looks coolest in this suit. I like the design on the shoulder.
LEon said…
Dennis, I nelieve the Saiyan armor is a signature of Vegeta since they are number of people who mention Vegeta and I for one also like Vegeta in Saiyan Suit but not for Goku. Goku should stick to his Kame training suit. LOL

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