Dragonball Vehicle 6: Red Ribbon Skybike

During Goku younger days, Goku faced a evil secret organization that was after the Dragonball. That secret organization was The Red Ribbon, the most fear of society of organized militant. Goku faces them head on and overcome them. In later part of the story, Red Ribbon was also involved with the creating of Cell.

Beside Capsule Corp, Red Ribbon also have many forms of vehicles and one of them is the Sky bike. Although Goku never really ride one of these in the comic but on the poster. Some of you may find this familiar.

This vehicle is very much in military class. Painted with Flat green.

I really like the Goku looks especially with his goggles on his head.

See the details of the AK-47 look alike guns?

See the Nyoibo on Goku?

Finally it is free to fly.

Fly up in the sky. :)


Ningyo said…
Dragon Ball's fun, but I've only ever watched Z...
Isn't it slightly incorrect to market your main character on the main evil organization's method of transport?
Dash MacBastard said…
LOL. That's a pretty cool vehicle!
LEon said…
I think the artist was allow Goku to use the weapon of the enemy against them. Not saying Goku really need that. Actually the artist and author are very much have a passion for gadget and vehicles in creative ways. It's all can be found in the comic.

Glad you like it. No one design military vehicle like that actually. LOL
I like the last pic. I remember Red Ribbon has lotz of cyborgs too!
LEon said…
Thanks Dennis. That is why I use that as my header.:D Regarding cyborgs, one of them like Arnold Schwarzenegger. LOL
Izzit the one where missiles shoot out from its arm?
LEon said…
If I remember correctly, Yes! You are quite a Dragonball fan, Dennis.

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