30 bloggers Invitation to Singapore Toy, Games & Comic Convention 2009 Opening Night!

This is a invitation for all fellow Toys, Games, Comic, Anime, Cosplay bloggers to do coverage on Singapore Toy, Games & Comic Convention 2009 for it's opening night (not open to public) tomorrow 13 August 2009 starting at 5pm.

I was able to secure 30 exclusive coverage passes from Singapore Toy, Games & Comic Convention 2009 opening night. So if you would like to do a coverage first hand and view the event, here are the requirements:

1. You must be able to make it tomorrow 13 Aug 2009 at the Suntec Convention Hall 401 & 402 in Singapore before 5:30pm for registration.

2. You must have a blog that blog about Toys/Cosplay/Games/Anime/Comic for more than half a year with a "sizable" number of related post.

3. You are require to at least do a post with photos you have taken from the event after the event on your blog as soon as you can and inform me by sending me a link of your blog entry as a proof.

Sound fair? If you met the above requirement, please leave a comment here with your blog address and email me with your blog address, email and your name for registration. I will email you back when your position is secure at the list which will be updated at the end of this post.

The closing time for this invitation will end at 13 August 2009 10:00AM Singapore timing as I will hand this list to STGCC organizer tomorrow.

I have to make it clear that these 3o passes may not have any goodies pack or any freebies for opening nights. Please spread the word around if you know someone who want to blog about this event. Thank you very much!

Bloggers to cover for STGCC Opening night:
1. Rayz, www.lemongraphic.net
2. Juliana, http://www.julianaheng.com/blog/
3. Kodomut, http://kodomut.wordpress.com
4. Gordon, http://gordonator.com
5. Sket, sketzombie.blogspot.com
6. Bayu, quatr3.wordpress.com
* C L O S E D *

Above confirmed bloggers proceed to the registration at the entrance of Convention Hall 401 & 402. You will be under "Media"! See you guys there later. :)


Rayz said…
Rayz, info@lemongraphic.sg

Juliana said…
Hi Leon,

This is so cool! Thanks for opening this special invitation to us. Count me in! I've just emailed you my particulars :D

Kenny said…
Damn... I knew I should have taken leave tomorrow. Argh.
Anonymous said…
Kodomut from


thanks you for your invitation, and expresses interest in registering ^^
gordon said…

sket said…
on leave 2mrw. would be a nice break for me to have a first hand report on this convention.

I was so tired after a long day work which I slept shortly after reaching home (didn't even bath). Sad that I have missed checking your posting. Even if I can't be registered under MEDIA, I'm happy to be there as observer. Thx Leon! You'r the man!
LEon said…
You can join us on friday 7pm for the public first day! some of the toy bloggers will be there too!

You are joking right? Your name are in the official MEDIA pass of the event already...You want me to put your link here is it? LOL
Jcee said…
Can't wait to see all the coverage on this event!
sket said…
Leon, my stuffs are up at sketzombie.blogspot.com .... thx for invite, too bad didnt meet up with u and josh
LEon said…
It is up now!! LOL

That's a lot of writing!! You are welcome and we can meet another day when you are free. :D
Rayz said…
thanks leon..

My post on STGCC


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