kidrobot Series 4 Keychain

These are some of the goodies I got from STGCC opening night. I realized that differentfoodies packs had different sets of goodies. So here's mine.

First off I will go for the kidrobot key chain.

This is from the series 4.

There was the creator signature at the bottom of the box.

Time to OPEN THE TOY! Oh! another package within the package.

Kidrobot keychain was also feature in the guild book of STGCC 2009.

How many version of kidromot in series 4? Just take a look on the brochure that come with the toy.

Well I got Southpaw kidromot. The boxer dressing remind me very much of Rocky!

A decent surprise that both head and arms actually can move!! WOW!

It's really pretty neat.

I wonder how the two secret kidromot in the series look like. Hm...anyone got kidrobot keychain during the STGCC 2009?


I just a found out a workplace friend collect designer toys, so I'm giving mine to him.
LEon said…
that is so kind of you Dennis. :)
i got frank but the other designs look nicer...LOL
Juliana said…
Haha, mine are all still MIB :P
LEon said…
@Little Plastic Man
Understood as frank look quite plain in one tone of color.

You never open, you will never know what you got. Maybe it's the secret characters. Open the toy!!! LOL
Unknown said…
Leon..can I have all the design? hehehehe..look so cute to me and I'm sure my nephew love it too. Too bad, I have not find any toys shop..I mean a good one at my town..
Chris said…
the key chain is cute~
LEon said…
All the design for this series can be found here. I don't know where they sell in Singapore too. It was given as a gift in the goodies pack during the convention. The official website for this toy line is here.

Yes it's cute and I feel bad using it thus have not use it yet. LOL

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