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After months of pondering to whether to get a Domain name for Openthetoy, I finally took the step and made the changes earlier this week. Some of you may not notice the changes because you still can arrive at my blogspot address. That's just to be friendly to my readers. So it's my pleasure to announce to you :)

Beside having own domain, nothing much will be changing around here. There will still be constant spam post of fun and crazy toys and games reviews. I would like to take this time to thank you guys for your constant support and encouragement to visit this blog and care enough to follow me in both RSS and Twitter. A big Thank you to you!

Now moving on the fun stuff.

In Singapore Toy, Games & Comics Convention (STGCC) 2009, Hasbro had some custom Mighty Mugg for auction for charity. The invitation of such design were open to local creative professionals (design house) only. I am pretty sure some toy lover or designer would very much want to custom with the Mighty Mugg.

Imagine these selling in stores. With character like none other than...

I bet it would be HOT!

Who is that Mighty Mugg?
You don't know?
Doesn't ring a bell?

Well it is your friendly neighborhood OTTi!

He is a bit into racing now. He is all dress up but no where to go...maybe F1 racing later in September in Singapore. LOL

He is Green and mean as always.

PS: Above is a concept design and not an actual product. Design, color and naming of the character copyrights belongs to me the designer.

I wonder how much will this concept OTTi Racer able to fetch for Charity... What you guys think?


Do it and you will be the toy designer exhibitor for next year STGCC. Can give autograghs too! Ha! Ha!
LEon said…
Thanks for your support! :)
Jcee said…
Woo gratz on the domain! Nice design on the Mighty Mugg! You can get blank white MM's for custom designing too. You should try to custom an OTTi for your collection haha
LEon said…
Jcee I saw black MM on sale during STGCC 09 but I didn't get it as I kinda sux in hand painting. I don't really have steady hands. :(
Joshua said…
otti looks awesome realised into a mugg.
LEon said…
Thanks Joshua. Your test over already?
Hey bro...can I use the OTTi on my paper toy? Like the one I collaborated with Armand from Pop Culture Junkie...
Wish to do a paper toy series of toy bloggers.
LEon said…
of course you can Adrian. Did you receive my email to everyone? If can, can reply? Thanks!

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