Disney/Pixar 3D Animation “UP" goes to Hot Toys

Up is a story of an elderly, Carl coping with the lost of his mate and an inspired Wilderness boy scout Russell who want to gain badges in hope to get more attention from his always busy and not there father. Through they encounters in the story, Carl stop looking inward and open himself up to take what's life has to offer even in his old age. While Russell got his long wanting attention of a fatherly figure. A truly life inspiring show with classical soundtrack and fun for the whole family.

Hey! why am I talking about the movie here? Let's talk about the toy!

I was surprised that Hottoys is coming out the figures of “UP”. First off, two Vinyl Figure Carl in 7 inches and Russell in 5 inches.

They were very well capture especially Russell chubbiness.

If that was not enough for you, these two characters also will be making appearance in Cosbaby version.

So take your pick in October. Meanwhile, go catch this touching movie!


[SK] said…
hey those vinyl are very well made, looks exactly the same as the characters in the movie.. hmmm, not going to get any but just watch the movie though.. :)
LEon said…
The movie is quite touching and exciting SK.
Ant Sized Man said…
Great looking vinyl, use to be quit a big fan of hot toys before there prices started to increase but only badly for me because of the exchange rate. Wonder how much the disney license costs them.
LEon said…
I do not know the Disney license pricing, Ant Sized Man but I have a feeling hot toys can and will produce more movie stuff as they are currently one of the best in the market. It is a good thing but as premium, they will make collector to pay more so it is up to the collector to buy or not to buy. We shall wait and see.

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