25 May 2017

LEGO Minifigure series 17 Princess Zelda

Next up in my review for LEGO Minifigure series 17 is what some would call her Elf girl or Elf Princess but for me I will call her Princess Zelda from Nintendo game series because this figure have some look on that.

Meet the Legend of Zelda minus Link in this review.

So the minifigure do look like the twilight Princess with full dress with silver and blue.

There are also design on her short sleeves which kinda resemble Zelda shield design....Kinda....

At the back the main feature would be her hair pin that is silver flower on her hair.

Do note that the Elven ears comes on the hair piece itself.

In normal Elf it would come with Long bow but not with her. Because she is Princess Zelda, she come with a sword and a Shield! You cannot get more obvious that this is indeed Princess Zelda or paying homage to her.

Taking on the Shield and sword, behold! Princess Zelda!!

Are you convinced that this figure is Princess Zelda??

PS: If you do not know what the heck is Princess Zelda, you are missing out. :D

23 May 2017

Dragonball Z Son Goku Kamehameha Wave International Exclusive Version

Among some toys, there always some version different between Japan and International version. Most of the time, the good stuff are just reserved for Japan only but things seems to change bit recently.
Check out this coming Dragonball Son Goku Kamehameha Wave which come with enhance color for international version exclusive!

Here are the differences.

Does the effect look better?
This figure is set to release in October 2017.

22 May 2017

Another Pokémon Pikachu Model kit Coming

BANDAI under their Pokémon model kit series will be releasing another Pikachu updated version in their series NO.41.

So what is so different from this Pikachu with the older Pikachu model kit which I reviewed before?

For one it will come with 2 different expression to change...

Yes the angry face look better and different right? Only Pikachu can be angry and cute...

Unlike the previous version, the legs now have articulation because this is an updated version of course.

Articulation include the tail and ears...

The feet and the hands,, also the neck too.

So now you can say bye bye to your money to buy this Pikachu in a more affordable price at 760 yen!!

This model kit will be releasing in July 2017.

20 May 2017

LEGO Minifigure series 17 Surfer

One of the good looking LEGO Minifigure series 17 would be the Surfer with the Shark board.

Now you will be wondering why I say this figure is good looking. it is because it has that "Quicksilver" look. Quicksilver like the movie of The Avenger Age of Ultron with the hair style but just the dressing is in red rather than blue.

Of course Quicksilver as it is also a company that make beach wear look cool!

The back of the figure however is plain with no design at all.

On the side you will see the design of the surfer wear on both of his arms.

Of course what top it off is the surf board with a JAW paint on it.

What more can you ask for?

How much score will you give to this minifigure?

19 May 2017

LEGO® Singapore Limited Edition Food Culture Mini-Builds

There is something going on for LEGO in Singapore in the month of June and it is #BuildAmazingSG!

Take a look at these LEGO® Singapore Limited Edition Food Culture Mini-Builds

The above set consist of 5 different build that show some Singapore culture in some ways. Do also note that these can be able to collect if you are interested to get it. More information later on in the post. But first let's have a closer look.

Food Cart
Now Food Cart is hardly seen nowadays in Singapore but once a upon a time these food cart were rather common sight in Chinatown.

Kaya Toast
Iconic breakfast set for most Singaporean and the LEGO are a well built!

Chope Seat
Since most of our hawker center wanted their customer to have self-service, Singaporean have a creative way to reserved a seat with packet of tissue paper or name card while they head to their food stall to queue up to ensure when they collected the food, they have a seat.

This action has been rather common in some central business district area. Some embrace this culture while some "refine" people think otherwise. For those refine people, most of the time they never eat at Hawker center to understand the difficulty to queue up for food and look for seat.

Chilli Crab
An Iconic dish of Singapore that many westerner love beside other things in Singapore. No need to say more.

Nyonya Kueh
Some of the snack traditionally created by the Nyonya. Sweet and tasty.

If this interest you then you may want to take note of the following

Each of the five Singapore Limited Edition Food Culture Mini-Builds can be redeemed with a minimum purchase of $80 on any LEGO® product(s) in a single receipt during the following dates at these venues:
- Food Cart from 2 to 18 June 2017: Parkway Parade Atrium
- Kaya Toast from 10 to 18 June 2017: Toys“R”Us VivoCity
- Chope Seat from 17 to 25 June 2017: LEGO® Certified Store Suntec City
- Chilli Crab from 24 June to 2 July 2017: LEGO® Certified Store Nex
- Nyonya Kueh: Date and Venue to be confirmed at a later date

You may find out more at the following link for more details.

18 May 2017

1/6 Chinese Female Fighter

If you are into 12 inch figure and want to have your own version of Chunli look alike, here is one custom parts you may want to get it.

 Super Duck will be releasing 2 sets of costume for you to customise on Player 1 (Blue SET014-A) or Player 2 (Pink SET014-B) version.

Do note that each of this set only comes with Head sculpt that look like this.

There will be 4 pairs of interchangeable hands in different poses, Cheongsam costume, Belt, Wristband and panty hose, Boots

Each will come with Kick effect parts as well

As a bonus, there will be bikini too in their respective color. This is for blue...

This is for pink!

Do note there will be no body so you have to get your own body.

These will be released in 3rd quarter of 2017 and at the listed price of USD$85.00

16 May 2017

SUNSTAR 1/72 Starwars AT-AT Multi Stand

Ever wanted a Imperial Walkers on your desk? Well here is one that you may want to get!! This is not a Toy but a display stand that you may need in your office.

The whole walker is 268mm in height and this is the scale comparison.

The whole walker are really design to put your desk stuff like coin compartment.

Paper Clip can store in the front while tape can put in the back.

For pens and pencils can be store at the back of AT-AT.

If you have a big marker, you can insert into the front....

For USB capable, you can curl around the leg like the movie. There are hook for you to hooked on.

There's even a snowspeeder for you to put your USB cable on it and flight around playing if you want.

The whole AT-AT comes with articulation of the joints so you can actually play with it when you are bored.

The releasing of this reissue already happened on 15th May 2017 at listed price of 9,000 Yen in Japan only.....
Damn it...

15 May 2017

LEGO Minifigure series 17 Go French

Since LEGO Minifigure series 17 has just release not too long ago, I happen to buy some random pack and see what I get. So this is my first review of LEGO Minifigure series 17 and the first one I got is the French Guy.

Not too sure why he doesn't look that happy but this minifigure indeed have a french look with it's stripes shirt, red scarf and the French beret. Even he come with the curvy moustaches.

The back of the figure very much continue to have the stripes.

The accessories this figure has is a big French loaf and a French Bulldog!

The french loaf is very much one sided as the back of the loaf is a hollow part for the C-clip hand to hold the bread.

What really make me get this figure was the Bulldog as it look cute!

At the back view however it look like a lion cub. Simba is that you? LOL

The best view for this French Bull dog is this view. Isn't it cute?

Here is the size comparison for the figure which is already small with this tiny Bull dog.

Like many LEGO minifigure before this, some may call this stereotyping as one look you will know that is French.

All I can say is I am only interested in the dog and not so on the figure itself and I think somehow LEGO know that and that could be the reason they put the dog as an accessories with this minifigure.

What do you think?

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