Transformers The Last Knight Premiere Toys

After the midnight event of Transformers The Last Knight, Singapore retail are having the first Premiere toys currently on sales. Here are what was spotted.

First I have notice the Deluxe version are in box packaging rather than usual card, The presentation look good however there seems a lot of empty space for some of the figures.

The voyager class do look good in the bigger boxes.

Here is the size comparison between the deluxe and voyager class with a price difference of cos.

The legend class is still in their card size. I do love Grimlock for legend as it look rather cute. :D

There are some easy transform for Turbo Changer for various figures for this line. Great for younger kid but the detail are not so details as the bigger classes tho.

Here are more Turbo Changer for bubble bee 2 changing option and Grimlock 3 changing options.

More of the figures for these series will roll out nearer when the movie is close to the actual release.

Do check out Singapore retail for more of these toys, Transformers Fans!!


It's no wonder Desmond is drawn to these. Wonder if the next TF movie coming?
LEon said…
The next movie coming in July bro. Summer hit.

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