Figure-rise Mechanics Dragonball Z Trunks’ Time Machine

If you are Dragonball fans, one of the machine you will like would be Trunk's Time Machine from Capsule corp.

This machine have change many fate of Dragonball timeline even in Dragonball Super.

Apparently under the model kit line of Bandai Figure-rise, this Time Machine is set to release in July 2017.

It can fit in Figure-rise Trunks in it.

As this is from the timeline of Dragonball Z, it would include a shell of Cell.... according to the Manga, it should come with an egg too but it was not included.

There will be a decal of the word "Hope" that future Trunks and Bulma put on this time machine.

This model kit will stand about 30 cm in height so if you are collecting, please make room for it in July as it will be selling at 6,800 Yen.


The cocoon of cell damn cute! What a throw-in! Lolz

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