LEGO Minifigure series 17 Go French

Since LEGO Minifigure series 17 has just release not too long ago, I happen to buy some random pack and see what I get. So this is my first review of LEGO Minifigure series 17 and the first one I got is the French Guy.

Not too sure why he doesn't look that happy but this minifigure indeed have a french look with it's stripes shirt, red scarf and the French beret. Even he come with the curvy moustaches.

The back of the figure very much continue to have the stripes.

The accessories this figure has is a big French loaf and a French Bulldog!

The french loaf is very much one sided as the back of the loaf is a hollow part for the C-clip hand to hold the bread.

What really make me get this figure was the Bulldog as it look cute!

At the back view however it look like a lion cub. Simba is that you? LOL

The best view for this French Bull dog is this view. Isn't it cute?

Here is the size comparison for the figure which is already small with this tiny Bull dog.

Like many LEGO minifigure before this, some may call this stereotyping as one look you will know that is French.

All I can say is I am only interested in the dog and not so on the figure itself and I think somehow LEGO know that and that could be the reason they put the dog as an accessories with this minifigure.

What do you think?


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