SUNSTAR 1/72 Starwars AT-AT Multi Stand

Ever wanted a Imperial Walkers on your desk? Well here is one that you may want to get!! This is not a Toy but a display stand that you may need in your office.

The whole walker is 268mm in height and this is the scale comparison.

The whole walker are really design to put your desk stuff like coin compartment.

Paper Clip can store in the front while tape can put in the back.

For pens and pencils can be store at the back of AT-AT.

If you have a big marker, you can insert into the front....

For USB capable, you can curl around the leg like the movie. There are hook for you to hooked on.

There's even a snowspeeder for you to put your USB cable on it and flight around playing if you want.

The whole AT-AT comes with articulation of the joints so you can actually play with it when you are bored.

The releasing of this reissue already happened on 15th May 2017 at listed price of 9,000 Yen in Japan only.....
Damn it...


Cool gadget but 9000 yen lolz
LEon said…
@Dennis yep the price is a big pull back.

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