1/6 Chinese Female Fighter

If you are into 12 inch figure and want to have your own version of Chunli look alike, here is one custom parts you may want to get it.

 Super Duck will be releasing 2 sets of costume for you to customise on Player 1 (Blue SET014-A) or Player 2 (Pink SET014-B) version.

Do note that each of this set only comes with Head sculpt that look like this.

There will be 4 pairs of interchangeable hands in different poses, Cheongsam costume, Belt, Wristband and panty hose, Boots

Each will come with Kick effect parts as well

As a bonus, there will be bikini too in their respective color. This is for blue...

This is for pink!

Do note there will be no body so you have to get your own body.

These will be released in 3rd quarter of 2017 and at the listed price of USD$85.00


Reasonable pricing for 12" and what a bonus to entice ppl : )
LEon said…
@Dennis go get one bro!!

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