Dragonball Z Son Goku Kamehameha Wave International Exclusive Version

Among some toys, there always some version different between Japan and International version. Most of the time, the good stuff are just reserved for Japan only but things seems to change bit recently.
Check out this coming Dragonball Son Goku Kamehameha Wave which come with enhance color for international version exclusive!

Here are the differences.

Does the effect look better?
This figure is set to release in October 2017.


chrismandesign said…
I think both versions have their own charm, but it’s kind of weird that the version more faithful to the manga style were chosen for the markets outside Japan... Personally, in this case, I prefer the international version because the color scheme and paint job are more dramatic (just like the manga), but otherwise, a cleaner look works better for my taste... =D
I'm always confused why Jap and Inter versions. Wonder if it's necessary or a way to sell more figures. Anyway both seems nice and cool pose though.

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