LEGO Minifigure series 17 Princess Zelda

Next up in my review for LEGO Minifigure series 17 is what some would call her Elf girl or Elf Princess but for me I will call her Princess Zelda from Nintendo game series because this figure have some look on that.

Meet the Legend of Zelda minus Link in this review.

So the minifigure do look like the twilight Princess with full dress with silver and blue.

There are also design on her short sleeves which kinda resemble Zelda shield design....Kinda....

At the back the main feature would be her hair pin that is silver flower on her hair.

Do note that the Elven ears comes on the hair piece itself.

In normal Elf it would come with Long bow but not with her. Because she is Princess Zelda, she come with a sword and a Shield! You cannot get more obvious that this is indeed Princess Zelda or paying homage to her.

Taking on the Shield and sword, behold! Princess Zelda!!

Are you convinced that this figure is Princess Zelda??

PS: If you do not know what the heck is Princess Zelda, you are missing out. :D


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