LEGO® Singapore Limited Edition Food Culture Mini-Builds

There is something going on for LEGO in Singapore in the month of June and it is #BuildAmazingSG!

Take a look at these LEGO® Singapore Limited Edition Food Culture Mini-Builds

The above set consist of 5 different build that show some Singapore culture in some ways. Do also note that these can be able to collect if you are interested to get it. More information later on in the post. But first let's have a closer look.

Food Cart
Now Food Cart is hardly seen nowadays in Singapore but once a upon a time these food cart were rather common sight in Chinatown.

Kaya Toast
Iconic breakfast set for most Singaporean and the LEGO are a well built!

Chope Seat
Since most of our hawker center wanted their customer to have self-service, Singaporean have a creative way to reserved a seat with packet of tissue paper or name card while they head to their food stall to queue up to ensure when they collected the food, they have a seat.

This action has been rather common in some central business district area. Some embrace this culture while some "refine" people think otherwise. For those refine people, most of the time they never eat at Hawker center to understand the difficulty to queue up for food and look for seat.

Chilli Crab
An Iconic dish of Singapore that many westerner love beside other things in Singapore. No need to say more.

Nyonya Kueh
Some of the snack traditionally created by the Nyonya. Sweet and tasty.

If this interest you then you may want to take note of the following

Each of the five Singapore Limited Edition Food Culture Mini-Builds can be redeemed with a minimum purchase of $80 on any LEGO® product(s) in a single receipt during the following dates at these venues:
- Food Cart from 2 to 18 June 2017: Parkway Parade Atrium
- Kaya Toast from 10 to 18 June 2017: Toys“R”Us VivoCity
- Chope Seat from 17 to 25 June 2017: LEGO® Certified Store Suntec City
- Chilli Crab from 24 June to 2 July 2017: LEGO® Certified Store Nex
- Nyonya Kueh: Date and Venue to be confirmed at a later date

You may find out more at the following link for more details.


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