LEGO Minifigure series 17 Mystery Figure Exposed

If you look into the LEGO Minifigure series 17, you will notice there is a mystery figure that only show the outline of the figure.

So lucky me, I got this Mystery Figure in the pack!

Somehow it turn out to be like a character from Assassin's creed syndicate timeline. So what the heck I just call him to be that.

Let's us go back to basic of this figure by removing the accessories, mask and his cape.

This is how he look like. An angry man.

On the costume wise, I love the Victorian era dress code.

You can see the detail of the buttons on the side of his arms.

One thing that puzzle me was the hat that have a hole. I was thinking maybe there is a part to fit in there but there are no other part found in the packaging. I guess it was a reused part from LEGO that have this hole but the figure has nothing to put on it.

Now I put on the mask and he look much better.

The only accessories are this pistol gun from the olden era. These would need to insert gun powder just for one shot.

With the cape on, here's how the figure look like from the back.

With the cape the side still look very much the same as the cap is rather straight.

Personally I find without the cape he look better for this minifigure.

Or do you still prefer the cape on?

As the mystery figure of this series, he do look good and worth. You would feel more if you are a fan of Assassin's Creed Syndicate's fan.

More on other in this LEGO Minifigure series 17 review later.


chrismandesign said…
That’s indeed a very nice mini-figure to own, pal !!!... I agree that he could be a member of the syndicate or at least he looks just as badass as one of them, for sure !!!... By the way, my guess for the hole on top of hat is that it should be the place for a feather, that used to be a normal accessory at that time, for people with certain ancestry, but it just wasn’t included... =D
LEon said…
Yes what you mentionmake sense. Lego just reuse some parts to save cost I guess.

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