31 July 2014

[MOC] LEGO CREATOR 6745 – Bi-Plane

I think MOC (My Own Creation) builders are wonderful people. They never limit their creativity in order to come up with cool-looking models every time.

Today I will review this Bi-Plane MOC model designed by Alan Cheung aka AlanBoar (that is online name he goes by on the MOC LEGO scene). This model uses only bricks parts from the LEGO CREATOR 6745 Propeller Power building toy set (Note: this is a discontinued building toy set).

Personally, I think this Bi-Plane MOC model is awesome. What is very exciting about this MOC model for me is that you can seat a LEGO minifigure inside this Bi-Plane’s open cockpit. The propeller really spins too, with the help of a finger of course. :p

You can see my Captain Jag fighter pilot minifigure from LEGO Star Wars line is ready to rule the skies.

AlanBoar’s MOC Bi-Plane is designed like aircrafts which flew during the early years of aviation. This model has two wings put one on top of the other, supported by external bracing.

There are nice details put into AlanBoar’s MOC Bi-Plane which makes it a very lively design.

AlanBoar’s MOC Bi-Plane features an open cockpit to seat one LEGO minifigure and comes with working elevators on the Bi-Plane’s tail. Unfortunately, there are no rudders designed on the same tail.

You can fold back the wheels of AlanBoar’s Bi-Plane when you convert the model into flight mode.

In summary, I think AlanBoar’s MOC Bi-Plane looks very good and a welcome MOC model unofficially designed for this building toy set. There are many very good MOC models designed by fellow MOC builders out there. Like this AlanBoar’s MOC Bi-Plane model, the sky is the limit when it comes to everyone’s creativity.

Thanks Yeetat for sharing with us again.

29 July 2014

Figuarts ZERO Son GoKun Genkidama (Spirit Bomb)

Son Goku in Dragonball has many move and one of my favorite is Genkidama (元气玉) aka Spirit Bomb. In December, Figuarts ZERO will be releasing the normal looking Goku from his battle with Freeza.

The look and expression plus the color was very detail...

This set will be price as 3,456 Yen.

This is one of the good looking pose in Figuarts ZERO series for Dragonball. Worth to get if you like Goku doing that Genkidama gathering!

If you like to get online you can get this at here

28 July 2014

18th Craziest Toy Sale @ Takashimaya

The Craziest Toy Sale at Takashimaya Singapore is here again and this time it is the 18th time! To think about it that it has been doing that for 18 years....how many are 18 this year? That will be about how many it has been. LOL

Okay let's do a quick review of what I saw today

Disclaimer: What you seen here was what was there and if it is not there when you went down mean it is sold out. We have no news on what will be restock. This is just for your reference.

This year one of the hot toys are these rubberband bracelet maker. Seems like many girls like these to make some bracelet.

For model kit, LBX was on offers but not sign of any Gundam model kits...

Thundercats toys are still around and now it is getting cheaper and cheaper around SGD $20...

This sales MEGA BLOKS took the biscuit as they having great offers on World of Warcraft which is more than 50% discount!

So was the MEGABLOKS from HARO series..

Some Batman toys are on clearance....

There was some the Man of Steel series but no Superman but his father 6" figures JOR-EL (Russel  crow) was selling there...

Playmobil only the Minifigures which now selling any 3 at SGD $10.00.

As for Barbies discount on Breaking Dawn Barbie and Ken at great offer...

While the sport Barbies was selling as a set at SGD$20.00.

There are some Digimon card games and selling low prices...

There are only a few SIC Masked Rider toys...

And more accessorizes...3 for SGD$10.00

Some Karmen Rider belt was on sale too..

There are a handful of Karmen riders from S.H.Figuarts too.

There was Mecha from The Robot Series as well..

There are some Figuarts Zero from One Piece on sales..

The Smurf 2 toys are on offers too!

Max Steel was on offer too!

I found this Gundam but don't think it was a model kit as the packaging really different and commanding SGD$30.00

There was some Chogokin which mean diecast mecha on sales!!

Last of all. if you need a Godzilla, there were on sales for just SGD$10.00

There are more but you got to head down and look at hows things are moving.

The sales will end at 3 August which is next Sunday.

26 July 2014

Zoids Group Build 2014 @ Let's Play SG

It another year and it is once again ZOIDS Group Build for 2014. This group build are modeller of ZOIDS gathered together in Singapore to have a contest amount themselves.

Without much ado, let's the picture do the talking.

The first entry was a double Zoids.

Second entry I love the matching color tone of Purple and blue...

There are also mini figure with good painting too

Next entry is one of the D-style ZOIDS and I love the details and coloring

There are two entries of the same ZOIDs but different take. One is black matt painted

While another in purple with lot of LEDs to make the ZOIDs look alive!

Like last year, this year there is an entry of the Turtle Tank more to the Desert tone!

There is one action piece with realistic capture!

Another ZOIDS Liger with good weather details!

Now here is the Top 3...
In the Third!

The second is a big entry! ZOIDs base!!

There are so much details and lighting on this huge entries...

Finally the First was an elegant ZOIDs that with a class of it's own.

Personally I love the vegetation that give this entry some realistic feel.

The prizes are presented to the top 3 modeller! Well done guys!

Most of these entries are pure hardwork and each of them took the time to plan and painstaking to improve their skill and be creative in their model kit.

The owner of Let's Play close the shop for this half day event and with Toymaker sponsored some prizes to the winners. 

You may see the last year ZOIDS group build to judge for yourself is there an improvement of this group build.

More coverage at Toymaker and Chocofalcon

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