CREATOR of Another kind, LEGO Bootleg?

There are some bootleg LEGO out there in the market. Most are directly copy while some start to innovate things that LEGO official product do not offers. The question is when is it the line of we consider it a bootleg, replicate or something that look alike but different?

Here are some that I discover that seems to have some similarity but  done in a different way.

These are Mini set which is much more smaller in scale that even a Minifigure cannot fit in.

It called itself the Creator where it offer 3 in 1 with the same amount of bricks.This set form a Truck, F1 racer and a sport car.

This set look like the construction set but a more smaller in scale the the amount of bricks are different from the LEGO.

I kind of remember there is a LEGO plane series but this micro set offer 3 different plane design with the same amount of bricks.

If you want a fast plane, they also offer a Jet, Fighter plane and a water speed vehicle in this series.

They also have Robot set which form different robots designs.

Now this is not in their CREATOR series but it do remind me of Snowspeeder from Starwars.

There are always mixed group of expression when people seen these toys. Some would jump and conclude this is LEGO bootleg and if that statement is true, it would have a direct copy of a actual product in term of scale and manner of forming the brick design. But since LEGO has been around the market for few decades, anyone saw the bricks with circle on top will conclude that was LEGO.

Now what do you think? Do these consider a bootleg or a toy of another kind because they do offer something different?


Aya said…
Lego did try to sue megablocks couple years ago for the common 6x6 bricks but it's failed so it seems lego looks like brick still legit to be copy, but true most the creator thing above are absolute rip off, the only thing i wonder is minifgures kreo and megablocks make them different but the Chinese one make them looks alike?

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