Ben10 Omni-Kit Gravattack Model kit

Since my last review of Omni-Kit from Ben10 Feedback, this is another I purchased and I would be honest review on the good and the bad for this model kit line.

For this kit, it is Gravattack! One of the huge rock Alien which I personally like for it's design.

This kit comes with 4 injected mold pieces and 2 stickers. The good thing is that this kit if you just use stickers to paste, the look of the kit would be decent. Of course if you are a good modeller, you would spray or paint your own details on it.

In any case, I am not those modeller and stickers is good enough for me.

The middle of this kit would stick on this basic skeleton which is reassemble and this is the most important part. If this part is damage (like mine which I review more later), you will have a hard time getting it into it's pose.  

The instruction is clear and the graphic is big.

The face of Gravattack consist on two parts which give the 3D effect, before putting the mouth pieces, you have to finish pasting the stickers which include the green eyes, teeth and the black mark on the face.

Next you need the lower neck which comes with a Red orb.

You can then put it on the skeleton along with his lower body.

At the back of Gravattack, it is also another 3D pieces and you have to put 3 parts on the back.

Remember I was talking about how important is the quality of the skeleton joints? Below is a classic example that the quality I got from the package. This photo is just showing one part of it, I have another 3 joints on this figure that have that. This mean I have to super glue the part which result in not articulate the figure any more!!

These same joint issue also happen on my Feedback previously. Really disappointed but the show must go on...

Now of the hands we need to put on stickers and put more parts together to give the 3D effect. 

See the end result was good.

Here is the whole figure assembled together. For the size and the look, this is one good figure design that give justice to the animated series. 

At the back you can see the out line but for the lower body at the back, it look hollow. They could add more pieces to make it nicer but I cannot complaint since I got this on a clearance sales.

On the side, it look prefect as the front.

I love the red orb in the center of Gravattack.

Here is a size comparison with Feedback in the same model kit line. Visually look good but both have limited articulations due to joint issue which I super glued it.

I would have love this model kit as it is fun to build and the result look good, however the joint quality issue was a great let down. For one who put model kit together, it is not a big issue to super glue as model kit normally just need to pose.

However this is Ben10 and not Gunpla. Most consumer would think this is a toy and if the joints needed to be articulated, it is fair to expect decent quality as out of box the joints just cracked on it's own.

Well it is fun while it lasted.


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